How to Bring a CGMP Class to Your Area

For a chapter to host a CGMP class, the following guidelines will apply:

The chapter is responsible for:

  • Securing a minimum of ten (10) paid registrants
  • Securing a location for the class
  • Paying for any meeting room, food and beverage, and audio visual costs, if applicable
  • Marketing the class by posting on the chapter website, include in the chapter newsletter, use of social media if applicable to that chapter, and inform nearby chapters 

If the enrollment is between six to nine (6-9), and the chapter wants to host the class, the chapter will pay the instructor's travel expenses to include transportation, lodging, and meals.

SGMP Headquarters is responsible for:

  • Collecting registration from each registrant
  • Paying the honorarium of any adjunct instructor (if Education and Training Director is not available)
  • Covering the travel costs for either the Education and Training Director or adjunct instructor
  • Posting the dates on the National website, a minimum of three months prior to class dates
  • If the chapter is unable to fill the class with the minimum of ten registrants 60 days prior to the class, the class will be cancelled and paid registrants will be offered another CGMP class.

If SGMP Headquarters cancels the class and member decides not to take the class at another time or location, the registration fee will be refunded upon request.

If member cancels, the registration fee is not refunded, but applied to another CGMP class within one year of original course date.  Extenuating circumstances for cancellation and refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Questions about hosting the course should be directed to us at [email protected].

Apply to Host a Class in Your Area