How and When to Recertify

In order to maintain your CGMP certification, every three (3) years you are required to recertify by documenting ongoing involvement in the government meetings industry. It is your responsibility to track and document your Contact Hours as you earn them and to recertify by applicable deadlines. Please keep any and all emails and/or certificates you receive that indicate your participation. SGMP will contact you via the email address you have in our records prior to your CGMP renewal date with a reminder and instructions, just as we do with membership renewal. 

Recertification Requirements

You must be a current/active member of SGMP in order to recertify.  

Fifteen (15) SGMP-approved education Contact Hours are required for recertification.  Please note:  Webinar attendance and viewing is eligible for one contact hour. Webinars and NEC Recorded Sessions within the three years count towards recertification. Please keep any and all emails and/or certificates you receive that indicate your participation. 
Eligibility is based on an application with three areas of focus:

  1. Contact Hours at SGMP meetings/events – Fulfilling SGMP-approved education contact hours related to the core competencies within the past three (3) years. May fulfill all fifteen (15) Contact Hours via this method.  
  2. Activities within SGMP – One (1) recertification point (equivalent to one Contact Hour) can be received by professional engagement in any of the following ways:  
    1. Writing one article that is published in Government Connections magazine 
    2. Serving as a member of the national board or a national committee/task force
    3. Serving as a member of a chapter board or a chapter committee/task force
    4. Serving as a trustee for SGMP's Gilmer Institute of Learning
    5. Proctoring at least 5 CGMP exams, moderating 5 SGMP webinars, or a combination of the two.
  3. Contact Hours in the meetings/hospitality industry – You may earn up to five (5) of the 15 required Contact Hours from education at non-SGMP events within the meetings/hospitality industry

Please note there is a 30-day grace period from the expiration date on your CGMP certificate.  After 30 days, you must re-take the CGMP class and Exam. You may apply for recertification by paper application (Download the Recertification Application) and submit here or you may track and complete your recertification in SGMP's online education portal

Learn about Recertification Fees

Contact Hours Earned at the National Education Conferences

For NEC Sessions from 2016-2023, you must have the signed Contact Hour Documentation Sheet from the NEC.  Viewing recorded NEC sessions before 2020 are not eligible for CGMP Recertification.

Beginning in 2024, all NEC session attendance will be recorded onsite and automatically uploaded into your continuing education profile associated with your membership account. Be sure to check your account following the NEC to ensure you have been awarded all earned credits.

Emeritus Status

Emeritus status is an honorary status SGMP bestows on those who have been actively certified and then retire from the field. This allows you to keep your designation although you are no longer working in the government meetings industry. Emeritus status has no expiration date.

Retired CGMPs may qualify to receive Emeritus status if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Are at least 55 years of age
  • Retired from full-time employment in the government meetings industry (e.g., you cannot work more than 20 hours per week for compensation)
  • Are not eligible to be a member in any other category (e.g. government or contract planner or supplier member)
  • Maintain an SGMP membership as a retired member
  • Maintained an active CGMP certification through the date of retirement
Your Emeritus application must include:
  • CGMP re-certification application
  • Proof of age (e.g., government-issued ID)
  • The date you retired and from what position
  • Contact information from your last employer (SGMP reserves the right to contact former employers to verify your retirement)
  • Payment of the $100 emeritus fee.
Apply for Emeritus Status