Bill of Rights

SGMP Member Bill of Rights

Members have the right to be respected.

SGMP will promote a membership environment of civility, respect, and accountability in all member activities, volunteer groups, and training initiatives.

Members have the right to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

SGMP will ensure a culture that continuously seeks opportunities to increase diversity in its membership, leadership, and external partners that is inclusive and welcoming of all individuals.

Members have the right to be heard.

SGMP will promote an environment that allows and encourages its members to communicate openly and ensures that all input is heard and valued.

Members have the right to have leaders who put the Society mission first.

SGMP will elect leaders who will honor the SGMP mission, bylaws, bill of rights, and its members.

Members have the right to lawful and ethical leadership.

SGMP members have the right to expect leadership who displays dedication, integrity, and the highest standards of ethical behavior. 

Members have the right to participate in governance.

SGMP will operate democratically in its governance, and will allow all members the right to vote for and seek leadership positions.

Members have the right to expect transparent fiscal accountability.

SGMP leaders will operate with utmost fiduciary responsibility and accountability to maintain appropriate financial management and internal controls. Leadership will be transparent in ensuring all funds are used for member activities and initiatives for today and future sustainability. Funds will be safeguarded against waste, fraud, unauthorized use, or misappropriation.