SGMP is governed by Bylaws as drafted in October 1981 and revised, most recently, in July 2023. 


SGMP is a national organization whose mission is to enhance and promote the knowledge and expertise of government meeting professionals.


The purpose of SGMP is to improve the quality and increase the cost effectiveness of government meetings by:

  • Improving communications, understanding, and cooperation between meeting planners and suppliers through periodic meetings;
  • Expanding the knowledge and abilities of meeting planners and suppliers by conducting formal educational programs;
  • Aiding planners in locating and evaluating meetings facilities and support services;
  • Researching, analyzing and translating regulatory and legislative issues and policies which affect government meetings;
  • Influencing in decision-making that directly or indirectly impacts the scope of operations of the meeting planners;
  • Maintaining liaison activities with other professional meeting planner and supplier groups; and,
  • Providing guidance and advice to meeting planners on all phases of planning, executing, and evaluating government meetings.
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